SoybeanMilk Cat
SoybeanMilk Cat

【Channel Member】:
1. [SoybeanMilk Cat]
An eight-year-old girl who was brought home by Hao when she was two months old
Birthday: 2012/02/28
Appearance: Blue eyes and white hair
Personality: Affection
Hobbies: Eating snacks \u0026 canned food, lying on the lap of a minion

The new boy, a boy who fell down on the side of the road and lost his temperature, was taken to the hospital for a month and then recovered and returned home.
Birthday: 2019/08/07
Appearance: Eyes with large pupils and one small pupil (caused by head impact as a child)
Personality: Curious, hyperactive
Preferences: Eat, eat, eat, take things to the side to play

3. [Hao]
The slaves of the two Cats
Birthday: 10/28
Appearance: Man face
Personality: Don’t stand if you can sit, don’t sit if you can lie down
Preferences: Share Ugly Cat Photos
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